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Is Your Business Covered This Festival Season?

Posted by Pamela Bustard on June 25, 2015

Getting a trade stand at a festival can be both exciting and daunting. A lot of your hard-earned time, effort and money are invested into organising this opportunity, which is why it is so crucial to get it right and consider key elements before you...

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The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media for SMEs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Katie Thompson on March 6, 2015

Social media is a great place for people to find out about you and your business, which is why it offers great opportunities for small and medium businesses to interact with and market to their customers and stay ahead of the curve when it comes...

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10 Things Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Can Relate To

Posted by Leonie Garlick on February 23, 2017

Many small businesses undergo the same issues and struggles, but also have the same values and ideas when it comes to starting up a company. Whatever the company may be, there are certain truths that all business owners can attest to. Here are the 10...

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Restaurants & Cafes: 5 types of customers you’ll serve and how to impress them

Posted by Leonie Garlick on February 21, 2017

Imagine you are reserving a table for a restaurant or cafe you’ve never dined at before. What steps do you take? Do you scroll through reviews on TripAdvisor, or Google Map the location to check it’s within walking distance? What wins you over- the steak...

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Didn’t get the sales you hoped for this Valentine’s? All is not lost 💌

Posted by Leonie Garlick on February 15, 2017

February 14th; a day whereby flowers, cards and lavish meals are presented to loved ones in the name of roman saint, St. Valentine. But as you opened your own shutters this morning, heart balloons awry from yesterday’s working day, a feeling of dread washed over...

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5 Tips to Repel Potential Bad Tenants

Posted by Leonie Garlick on February 8, 2017

If you are a new landlord looking to rent out a property, it can be difficult to know how to repel those dreaded bad tenants. Although most tenants will be easy to communicate with and act respectably to your property, there are also many tenants...

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