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Low-cost Easter Recipes to Add to Your Menu

Posted by Leonie Garlick on April 11, 2017

Rabbits are a-leaping, daffodils are sprouting and Creme Eggs are tempting.  After months of seeing Easter themed goodies on shelves, our favourite yellow-clad holiday is finally here. And with bank holidays in abundance, there is no better time to bring in some extra business. Whether you specialise in breakfasts,...

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5 Winning Digital Strategies Every Business Can Afford

Posted by Leonie Garlick on March 31, 2017

Business is suffering at the moment, with the rise of property taxes and an uncertainty from Theresa May’s government. It’s no wonder your digital marketing strategy has been tossed aside, it is not exactly on your list of priorities now, is it? But rethinking how...

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Hair & Beauty: Are You Ready to Run a Salon?

Posted by Leonie Garlick on March 22, 2017

Being able to run your own salon is somewhat of a dream. You can hire your own brigade of talented stylists, paint your own four walls and build up your own base of regular customers. It’s a big step from hiring a chair or hairdressing...

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Top 6 Tradesman Insurance Claim Types

Posted by Leonie Garlick on March 14, 2017

If you work as a tradesman, your daily tasks will be beset with a variety of risks. Having the right insurance policy in place is vital and is usually a legal requirement. Insurance also offers the tradesman peace of mind and can mitigate the impact...

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