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Shops: How to Leverage `Back to School` Shopping as a Small Business

Posted by Leonie Garlick on August 30, 2017

The kids are heading back to school next week, which means you can expect the last rush of mummy and daddy shoppers! According to Small Business Trends, more parents are starting to shop later on when the sales start to avoid splashing hundreds of pounds...

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How to Attract Students During Freshers’ Week

Posted by Leonie Garlick on August 25, 2017

Universities all over the UK are preparing for the arrival of Freshers’ Week; which means as a business, you’ve got less than a month to master the fish finger sandwich or pull in some live bands. Is it really that simple though? We’ve got some...

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6 common customer frustrations and ways to overcome them

Posted by Leonie Garlick on August 22, 2017

Whatever the industry, businesses deal with clients and customers all the time, and customers have to deal with businesses too. Having a strong customer relationship is invaluable and it’s only too easy to leave those all important customers angry, annoyed and looking for someone/somewhere else...

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What does a fall in home ownership mean for UK labourers?

Posted by Leonie Garlick on August 16, 2017

It is a well-known fact that home ownership in the UK has been on the decline for many years, but it has often been believed that this phenomenon was only confined to London and the south-east, the areas typically associated with high house prices. However,...

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