Hairdressers Insurance

Hairdressers Insurance


At The Insurance Octopus, our tailored low cost business insurance policies are designed to allow you to add, remove, increase or decrease all areas of the policy. You will be able to customise your cheap hairdressers insurance or mobile hairdressers insurance to the way you want it. All the essential cover you need in one business insurance policy.

As a hairdresser either salon or mobile based, you will be open to the public and will work direct with people, which all present risks. Within your working area, there are conditions such as chemicals, scissors and water that all pose a possible risk to someone. A tailored hairdresser insurance policy will help you if you are faced with a liability claim for damage or injury. All these risks and more can be managed with a business insurance policy from The Insurance Octopus for salon or mobile based hairdressing business.

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What your Hairdressers Insurance Policy includes


Public Liability insurance cover

Public Liability insurance cover is available as standard from £1 to £5m; higher limits are available upon request. Should one of your customers or a member of the public be hurt or their property become damaged as a result of your negligence, public liability insurance for hairdressers will protect you.

Treatment Cover

Treatment Risks are an extension of your public liability policy, this covers you in the event of a claim being made against you if one of your treatments causes an injury to a client.

Employers Liability insurance cover

Employers Liability insurance cover is mandatory if you have one or more employees. Employers Liability cover comes as standard at £10m and will protect you, as the employer, against claims from your staff should they be hurt when working for you.

Business Contents cover

Business Contents cover will include your tools of your trade and contents, customer goods, employees and customers’ personal effects, along with fixtures and fittings.

Cash on Premises, Theft cover (optional)

Cash on Premises, Theft by employee are all additional add-ons that can be increased or decreased as required. By having flexibility with your business insurance policy from The Insurance Octopus, you can make sure your insurance is just what you will need.

Have you considered Business Interruption cover?

In the unlikely event that something happens to your business premises, have you considered what impact this may have? Many businesses don’t and then suffer the consequences as a result.

Business Interruption insurance covers the loss of income from being unable to trade as a result of insurable claim such as fire, flood, and storm amongst others. This could be vital to some businesses dependent upon the length of time they are unable to trade.

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Benefits of having Hairdressers Insurance


If you own a salon, barbers shop, have your own portfolio, or you rent a chair within a hairdressers salon, you need to have a comprehensive hairdressers insurance policy in place.

The Insurance Octopus is able to specifically tailor hairdressers insurance and hair technician insurance around your personal needs, with you, your business and range of treatments you offer at the forefront. As a result you will be covered for all eventualities whether that be loss of income, property damage to the building, treatment risks, contents and equipment amongst others. This ensures you can carry on doing what you do best with the added peace of mind that you are completely covered through The Insurance Octopus.

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Why choose The Insurance Octopus?

When you’re considering taking out a policy, one of The Insurance Octopus Hair dressers specialists will discuss your business or individual requirements with you and compare personalised quotes from a number of major insurance providers. You will get a bespoke policy that ensures you only pay for the cover you need. We can add additional policy covers, including a wide range of treatments that you may provide as well as additional insurance options such as business interruption cover.

We can provide you with your business insurance and documents on the same day in most cases, offering a range of flexible payment options, including Direct Debit.

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