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Professional Indemnity Insurance for IT Analysts


As an IT Analyst, you will no doubt provide a professional service designing and implementing cost-effective and efficient IT systems, and are likely exposed to sensitive and important data on a daily basis. That is why you need a specialised IT Analysts Insurance package which includes Professional Indemnity cover to protected you in the event that someone places a claim against you for negligence, loss of data and more as a result of your work.

All of The Insurance Octopus personalised business insurance policies and are designed to be flexible, ensuring that you can put together a bespoke insurance package tailored to all of the essential cover you need. We will work with you to cover you for all aspects of your work and make sure you have the right cover for you and the risks you are exposed to.

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What your IT Analysts Insurance Policy includes


Professional Indemnity cover

Professional Indemnity cover limits from £50,000 to £10m. This Covers you for any financial or trading loss that may be caused as a result of bad advice or a mistake made in work. Typically these claims can be a result of Negligence, Dishonesty, Defamation, infringement of Intellectual Property Rights and Loss of Data.

Employers Liability insurance cover

Employers Liability insurance cover is required by law if you have one or more employees. Employers Liability cover, is standard at £10m and will protect you as the employer against claims from your staff should whilst working for you.

Public Liability cover

Public Liability cover protects you if a customers or a member of the public is injured, or their property is damaged. Public liability insurance protects you against the cost of repairs or any legal proceedings that could be filed against you. Standard levels of cover are available from £1m to £5m, with additional levels of cover available upon request.

Legal Fees

Legal Fees can cover the cost of legal representation ans other other associated legal claim costs.

Have you considered

Business interruption

Business Interruption insurance covers the loss of income from being unable to trade as a result of insurable claim such as fire,flood,storm amongst others. This could be vital to some businesses dependent upon the length of time they are unable to trade.

Personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance covers you if you have a personal accident and have to take time off work. The period of time you are covered for is dependent on which policy you take out.

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Why you need IT Analysts Insurance


Ensuring that you have the right cover in place is vital whatever business or trade you are in. Because you operate a professional service providing advice and guidance on IT systems, it’s essential that you protect yourself against possible claims with an IT Analysts Insurance package that include professional indemnity and additional covers that protect your exact needs.

Should a claim be placed against you and won, the financial costs to your business could be huge if you’re not adequately covered. Don’t leave it too late to ensure you’re protected.

The Insurance Octopus can help you put a tailored business insurance package together for your exact business or personal needs with the relevant level of cover. It couldn’t be easier to get covered.

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Why choose The Insurance Octopus?

If you’re ready to take out an IT Analysts Insurance policy, one of our insurance specialists will be available to guide you through the process and create a tailored policy which will include all of the cover you will need to protect your financial security.

We can provide you with your business insurance and documents on the same day in most cases, offering a range of flexible payment options, including Direct Debit.

Speak to us today to get a quote.

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