Photographers Insurance

Photographer Insurance

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As a professional photographer, taking the right picture is an art and provides special memories for your clients that are irreplaceable. More often than not, clients will be delighted with your work – but what if something does not go as planned?

At The Insurance Octopus, our personalised business insurance policies are designed to be flexible, allowing you to put together a bespoke photographers insurance policy exactly how you need it and ensuring you have all of the essential cover you need in one business insurance policy.

Our photographers insurance covers your work and can be personalised to the type of photographer you are based on your business activity, levels of cover required and the business equipment you may need protected.

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What your Photographers Insurance Policy includes

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Professional Indemnity cover

Professional Indemnity insurance, or PI insurance, will protect you and/or your business against any financial or trading loss that may be caused as a result of bad advice or a mistake made in work. Typically these claims can be a result of Negligence, Dishonesty, Defamation, infringement of Intellectual Property Rights and Loss of Data. Professional Indemnity cover limits from £50,000 to £10m.

Employers Liability insurance cover

Employers Liability insurance cover is for you if you have one or more employees and then, by law, you are required to have employers liability insurance. Employers Liability cover is a standard £10m and will protect you as the employer against claims from your staff should they be hurt when working for you.

Public Liability cover

Public Liability cover protects you if one of your customers or member of the public is injured or their property is damaged. Public liability insurance protects you against the cost of repairs or any legal proceedings that may be filed against you. Standard levels of cover are available from £1m to £5m, with additional levels of cover available upon request subject to insurers terms and conditions.

Legal Fees

Legal Fees can cover the cost of legal representation, which can be expensive if you do not have this cover. It can cover the costs of a claim or defence in the event of a claim being made against you.

Contents cover

Contents cover protection for all your portable equipment when working away from your own premises or at a client’s site – including cover against damage, loss and theft.

Breach of copyright and other types of additional cover

Breach of copyright or confidentiality, protection against loss of contents, negligent advice, business interruption, personal accident and more are all additional cover add-ons that can be increased or decreased as required.

By having flexibility with your professional photographers indemnity business insurance policy from The Insurance Octopus, you can make sure your insurance is just what you will need.

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Why you need Photographers Insurance

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As a professional photographer you need to make sure that your business and livelihood is covered and protected in the event of that something goes wrong. Our Professional Photographers Insurance can include not only Professional Indemnity cover, but also provide photographers liability insurance and photographers equipment insurance.

Our ability here at the The Insurance Octopus to put a tailored business insurance package for your business needs ensures you get the cover you need as soon as possible. We also work with a selection of UK insurers providing the widest choice of Professional Indemnity insurance.

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Why choose The Insurance Octopus?

When you’re considering taking out a policy, one of The Insurance Octopus’ specialists will discuss your business requirements with you and compare personalised quotes from a number of major insurance providers. You will get a bespoke policy that ensures you only pay for the cover you need.

We can provide you with your business insurance and documents on the same day in most cases, offering a range of flexible payment options, including Direct Debit.

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