Contractors All Risk Insurance

What is Contract Works or Contractors All Risk Insurance?

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Contractors All risk Insurance or as it’s also commonly known, contract works, helps protect businesses as either a contractor or employer (client). Providing cover against the costs incurred from insured perils, losses or damages incurred whilst working on an insured construction project. The policy is designed to cover all risks associated with a construction project. Cover is commonly issued under the joint names of a contractor and a principal (client), cover usually also includes public liability insurance. Policies are flexible allowing us to tailor cover to match your businesses needs and requirements.

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Contractors All Risk & Contract Works Insurance Explained

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Contract All Risk provides cover against physical loss or damage to any works during its construction. It is an all risk policy (subject to policy conditions) and also provides cover for third party liabilities and the advance loss of profits. Any limits imposed under a Contractors All Risk or Contract Works policy would be based upon the estimated value of the contract for which work is carried out.

Key Features

Provide cover for any owned and/or hired in plant and machinery.

Protection against damage to permanent and/or temporary works and building materials, whilst on site and whilst in transit to and from site.

Cover for tools and equipment.

Cover for the increased cost of working through additional business interruption cover.

Cover for the period after the project’s completion for up to 12 months. Covering contractual obligations forming part of the maintenance or defects liability period.

Cover for any party that is required to be a joint named insured under the contract

Additional cover towards professional fees and Debris Removal.

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Why you need Contractors All Risk Insurance

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If you run a construction business or you are involved in construction as a developer or project owner then you will likely need the comprehensive cover and protection offered in contractors all risk or contract works insurance policy. Our contract works cover will provide you with continuous coverage for all stages of the construction process – from inception, to commissioning, testing and finalisation and beyond, you’re covered from the various risks presented during the stages of construction. Regardless of the size, complexity and length of your construction project we can help with a bespoke Contract Works policy to give you ultimate peace of mind during your construction projects.

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Why choose The Insurance Octopus?

Our insurance experts are on hand to discuss your needs as a contractor or employer of contractors. Our team will endeavor to listen and understand your business requirements in order to provide you the cover you need at the right premium. With the ability to compare quotes from many of the major UK insurance providers The Insurance Octopus is well placed to ensure you get the best deal. We are able to offer a wide range of payment options, offering flexibility. Contact us now for a competitive quote.

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