10 Signs It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Business

There’s a real energy to the days at the moment and it’s getting me fired up to look at my business anew. I feel like I’m coming out of hibernation and want to rejig and refine lots of areas of work. Are you experiencing a similar feeling?

Tell-tale signs a change is needed often emerge from repeated patterns of behaviour. Patterns such as not being able to find that article, document or email when ordinarily you’d have it to hand. Dust on the shredder and a pile of recycling next to it. Out-dated notices on the board.

All of these are symptoms of a business that’s due a Spring clean. Are you suffering from any of these? Here’s a list of the most common organisational ailments and how to cure them.

  1. Unread emails

You subscribe in a flurry of enthusiasm but rarely find time to read the newsletter. If you never read the newsletter, it’s time to unsubscribe. If you occasionally read the newsletter create a folder and set up a rule to send this type of email straight there. And possibly a rule to delete them after a month. Unread emails in the inbox are distracting and unnecessary.

  1. Overflowing paperwork

If you can’t find your coffee cup for all your correspondence, commissions or contracts it’s time to tidy up. Filing systems come in all shapes and sizes from the simply sublime to the ridiculous. Find a system that works for you. Will it be an on-desk file? A filing cabinet? Something on the wall? Whatever it is, find the time to initiate and perpetuate the idea.

  1. Sneaky subscriptions

I recently subscribed to a fantastic email marketing programme. I love it. It’s an absolutely great tool but so far, after three months, I’ve sent two email newsletters. Is it worth the subscription? No.

Take a close look at your accounts for the last three to six months and decide which subscriptions are worth the spend. Memberships, magazines, software and telephone costs should all get a review.

  1. No more room for archives

Are you running out of space? If so, why? What are you storing and do you need to keep it? I’ve got dozens of flip charts hanging about, all neatly rolled up after strategy sessions. They need to be kept for a while but once the work is signed off…off they should go! Are you harbouring unnecessary paperwork? Is it time for a clear out? Consider taking storage space in a nearby facility if you need to keep files on record.

  1. You’re still keeping your receipts

In our world of wonderful electronics there really is no need to still be storing receipts. This is one online system I’ve got to move onto this year. Many small businesses are using it and it’s saving time and worry a plenty.

Receipt Bank is the latest innovation in accounting. It allows you to photograph your receipts and will extract key information, removing the need for manual data entry, and can then be published to your accountancy software, downloaded as a spreadsheet or used to create an expense report. No more messy receipts hanging about, taking up space and causing clutter. A much better idea!

  1. You still have a Rolodex

Just as Receipt Bank photographs your receipts, there are apps aplenty to photograph your business cards. Get those details off the card and onto your phone! Alternatively, simply email your new acquaintance as soon as you’ve met them. Start the conversation and automatically capture their data in your email account.

  1. You haven’t noticed the notice board in at least 6 months

Ah, how often do we walk past the noticeboard without giving it a second glance. I’ve got a wall covered with ideas and inspiration but last month I realised at least 50% had been actioned or was now irrelevant. It felt really good to move things about and refocus my brain and business. When was the last time you noticed your notice board?

  1. Your business doesn’t show up on Google maps

Still haven’t done this? Now’s the time. If you’ve got a permanent address, this is a no brainer. Getting on Google helps people find and review your business easily. A simple verification process is all it takes. Learn more over at Google.

  1. Your on-hold music belongs in a lift

When was the last time you called your business as a customer would? Might be worth it if you can no longer remember the theme tune they’ll be hearing as you transfer their call. In some cases, beeps are better than cheesy tunes. Take a moment to review this and make sure it represents the decade you’re in and business you are.

  1. Your business has evolved but your insurance hasn’t

Small businesses evolve at a rate of knots! Has your business insurance kept up the pace? Are you still getting the best value available or is everything that should be covered in your business covered? It could be time to check your current provider or talk to a broker such as The Insurance Octopus to review your options and optimise your cover.

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