No matter what industry your business falls into, failing to attract the right customer is ,and always will be, the most important part of any business. The Insurance Octopus has put together a guide as to why you might be attracting the wrong customer and how to start attracting the right customer.


You’re targeting a broad range of customer

The most important part of any business is knowing who you’re targeting and why. Many businesses don’t actually know who their ideal customer is, instead they just target a broad demographic in hope of attracting their ideal customer, however as you can imagine, this tends to be a recipe for disaster.

To be able to attract the right customer, you need to know what that customer wants; you need to know what the demographic of your audience is (male or female, young adults or senior citizens, etc etc), what your audience prefer and what price they would be willing to pay for your product/service. These are just a few of the key things to consider when trying to attract the right customer.


Your employees are killing your vibe

We all have our bad days but if your employee is continuously having ‘one of those days’ it might be time to show them the door, because chances are their customer service won’t be up to standard. Negativity in the work place doesn’t sell. At the end of the day, to attract a customer is one thing, to keep that customer is a completely different ball game. To attain a regular customer, obviously you need a great product/service but you also need a great customer service.


The price isn’t right

Prices which are too high, prices which are too low; you need to find the middle ground. If your prices are perceived to be too high, undoubtedly they will drive some or even all of your potential customers away. On the other hand, if your prices are perceived to be too low it may give the impression that your product is of low quality, which can be as equally off putting as high prices.

When pricing your products, it’s important to know your market, both your customers and competitors. The overall aim of any business should be to provide a high-quality product with a reasonable and representative price.


You’re not discussing your brand values openly

Many companies and employers don’t openly discuss their aims, goals and ambitions. Don’t be afraid of discussing your brand values and what you and your business aim to do. If you send a clear message about your values then people will understand your business and you will start attracting the right customers.


More importantly; You’re not branding yourself correctly.

We’ve put this one at the end of the list as before you concentrate on the branding and marketing of your business, you need to know your customer inside out. So before you start to change your branding and marketing, ask yourself these questions; Who is your ideal customer? What do your customers want? Where will you find your customer? Would you benefit more from more traditional or digital marketing techniques?


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