Tradesmen tend to rely on word of mouth for recommendations and new businesses interests, however times are changing and it may be time to expand and develop your marketing strategy. We’ve put together our top 5 marketing tips which you could incorporate into your marketing strategy

Social Media

72% of adult internet users have a social media profile, meaning that social media is a great way to interact with most, if not all, target audiences which will in turn boost your marketing strategy. You can use social media to advertise your services and products, as well as share pictures of past projects.

In terms of the different social media platforms, you need to remember that even though certain elements are similar, they are all in fact very very different. For example, Facebook can be used as a platform to answer any queries which customers may have as there is no character limit unlike on Twitter.

Another very important factor to take into consideration is that social media is now used as a search engine; what we mean by this is that people will look for businesses on social media rather than in a yellow pages for instance. Therefore, if you want your business to convey that you’re credible and trust worthy then investing your time into creating a social media presence may be the key to growing your business.

Online Presence  

As mentioned previously, your potential customers are continuously searching businesses online, whether that’s to find a website, a social media account or customer reviews, all of these things add up and create a portfolio of you and your business. If you haven’t already got yourself a webpage, you need to make one! All you need to include is who you are, what you do and why to choose you. It would be beneficial for you to discuss any qualifications which you have in your business sector, that way you’ll paint the image that you’re qualified and credible!

Traditional Marketing

The question of whether or not digital marketing has over-taken traditional marketing is still unanswered, however incorporating both is a great way to ensure you’re reaching your desired customer. Without a doubt, if you’re targeting an older age demographic then traditional marketing may be the way to go, although if you’re targeting first-time buyers, digital marketing could be more beneficial as you target a more specific audience, which in turn could lead to a higher number of enquiries and sales.

If you’re wanting to be known locally then business cards and flyers are your one way ticket to local fame. It may be one of the more time consuming elements of your marketing strategy as you will have to manually post them through the letter boxes of local businesses and households, however it will definitely be beneficial in the long run!  Don’t forget to give a handful to friends and family to distribute around their associates!


Word of Mouth

Reliable, efficient and consistent are three words which should describe you as a tradesman. Going the extra mile with customer service will ensure that your customers are happy with you and your services, take into consideration that it tends to be the small things which make the biggest impact; for example taking your shoes off at the door is always a good start! Good customer service runs hand in hand with good reviews being passed down the grape vine, if you deliver good customer service then your customers will recommend you and your service…this is a great time to make use of your excess business cards – give them to previous customers so if they are happy with your service they can keep one on hand in case they know anyone looking for a tradesman.


Partner up With a Local Business

Buddying up with another local business can be a great way to attract more customers to your own business. This process works by agreeing with another company (formally or informally) that if anyone they work with is looking for a service which you can offer then they will recommend you and visa versa; For example if you’re a Plumber, buddying up with a Plasterer or an Electrician would work perfectly as you’re both looking to capture the same market. However, make sure that you choose wisely, as if you recommend someone who has a questionable reputation, it may reflect negatively on you.


Working as a professional tradesman or contractor, you will be exposed to some very high risk situations throughout your working day. Fundamental elements of insurance are required as a tradesman to protect you and your business, for example liability cover, cover for your tools and property damage, The Insurance Octopus can provide this for you. Speak to us today on 0161 968 2041 to get a quote.