Twitter is a platform which was made for business to business interaction – and it’s one which is used much more in that way than any other social media platforms today (with the possible exception of LinkedIn).

Being active on Twitter can be a great way for any small retailer or small business to stay in touch with others; whether it’s generating sales, sharing best practice or simply building a profile.

We’ve rounded up eight accounts that you should start following as soon as you set up a business Twitter account – they offer tips, networking opportunities and more for small businesses around the UK and beyond.

1. Guardian Small Biz –

The Guardian’s small business account posts all the latest news and comment on topics affecting small businesses; following it is a great way to stay in the loop.

2. Start Up Donut –

Start Up Donut shares all sorts of tips, tricks and information for owners of start-up companies, including advice on finance, hiring, HR, IT and marketing.

3. Business Zone –

Business Zone is another excellent account to follow if you’d like to keep up to date on the latest business news. They also advertise networking events, competitions for small businesses and share articles about developments and insights that may prove useful.

4. BBC Business –

For business news in the UK, there’s no better place to turn than the BBC. It’s factual, reliable and prompt, as well as offering some excellent features on topics like sickness in the workplace, office interior design and whether feedback should be offered to unsuccessful interview candidates.

For a more global take on business news, the @BBCWorldBiz account also offers a useful insight into what’s happening around the globe.

5. Start Up Britain –

A non-profit organisation, Start Up Britain is run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to encourage innovation in the British marketplace. The Twitter account associated with the charity celebrates and encourages entrepreneurial spirit by sharing articles, promoting opportunities and offering insights into areas like social media, parenthood and leadership in small business environments.

6. Federation of Small Businesses –

The Federation of Small Businesses is an excellent UK-specific resource for anyone with a smaller business. The Twitter account provides up-to-the-minute information on where to access resources – for instance, the federation offered a helpline for businesses affected by the recent cyber-security crisis in the UK, and the Twitter account shared the number and information.

The Federation also has local Twitter accounts for the various regions of the UK, so it might be worth following the account that’s most geographically relevant to your business too.

7. Business Matters –

Business Matters magazine offers help and advice for small and medium-sized enterprises on all aspects of running an SME. From advice on writing the perfect email, to customer service essentials and how the gig economy affects smaller businesses, it’s got up-to-the-minute advice and information on all sorts of topics you’re sure to find useful.

8. The Forum of Private Business –

One of the best Twitter accounts out there when it comes to networking, the Forum of Private Business uses its Twitter account to showcase the benefits of membership, as well as providing free-to-access articles, guides and events for members and non-members alike.

Twitter is a fantastic resource for anyone wishing to promote a small business and learn from others around them; you can also tap into local networking opportunities by checking out the hashtags specific to your area. All you need to do to take part is use your local hashtag in a tweet, and other local businesses will see it. You can use this resource to ask questions, network and find out more about your local business landscape.