All new businesses want to attract clients in the most affordable and efficient ways possible. When you’re just starting on your business journey it can seem like a daunting prospect to find clients out of the blue, but the truth of the matter is that you really don’t need to spend much money to do it.

Here are five affordable ways to encourage new clients for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Renew old contacts

Just because you’re starting a new business, doesn’t mean that all of your clients have to be brand new too. Many businesses lose out on valuable client loyalty because they don’t take the time and effort necessary to keep in contact with clients. This can take any form, whether it’s just a semi-regular newsletter or a press release detailing your new business offerings.

It’s invaluable to keep client contact information on file, because you never know when it’s going to come in handy. It means you don’t ever have to start truly from scratch, you always have some prospects in the first few days of your business opening.

Establish your listings

There’s no reason why you should do the donkey work, let your new clients come to you! To make this happen in the most efficient way possible, ensure your business is visible in as many local and online listings and directories as possible. When people need something they search for it online, when they do make sure they find you.

It may seem a bit of a chore to register your business with a variety of different listings websites, but an afternoon spent doing that could be an invaluable way of bringing in a great deal of already interested clients.

Social media matters

Many people bemoan how ubiquitous social media has become in people’s lives, and the rights and wrongs of that aside it offers you a superb opportunity for outreach as a small business owner. Make sure that your business has a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, an Instagram account and so on.

And, importantly, use them! There is nothing about a dormant profile that’s going to stimulate prospective clients to reach out to your business. Regular posting is essential to developing a following from which your client base can grow.

Offers, discounts, and freebies

Everyone loves free stuff or what they consider to be a bargain. It’s just the way it is. And, people are highly likely to remember who gave them free stuff. It’s a golden opportunity for you to show the quality of your products by getting them into the hands of a few lucky potential customers, who can then tell their family and friends.

Say you sell business insurance for example, promote a 50% discount on the first month’s premium for the first twenty-five people who register their interest. The phone will ring off the hook!

Get out, get noticed

A great way of developing your client list without spending a lot of money is to get out and about in your local community. Invest some time in some volunteer projects and bring your business some positive reputation, if people see you’re doing good they’re more likely to give you their business.

Keep an eye on local papers and social media for upcoming events, and if possible make sure you’re present.