Would You Use an App to Purchase a Property?

Whether you’re looking for a new home to buy or a property to invest in, the stress is can be high for both.

Buying property ranks as one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. With continuous dealings of estate agents, solicitors, mortgage lenders and removal companies it’s also prone to being a frustrating period in someone’s life.

According to the current UK average, people move once every seven years, so this frustration comes around quite frequently. Now, more than ever, help is on hand

By using apps, short cuts and software you can now make the search for a new home or business premises easier than ever.  We’ve taken a look at some of the apps and websites that can help you on your way. You never know, they might just make your life easier!

Looking for a Home

Most of us now start our search for a new home to rent or buy with one of the two biggest websites – Rightmove and Zoopla. Both websites allow you to be able to set up alerts for new properties.

If you are looking for a project property that needs work there are websites such as Unmodernised which shows live feeds from estate agents across the country with daily featured properties, articles, news, an expert panel and more.

Finally we have an add on to the firefox toolbar: property-bee.com.  If you are viewing a property, for instance on Rightmove, the toolbar will work to show you when it came onto the market, if the price has been reduced, if it has gone to offer and if it has fallen through.  All great information for anyone who loves looking at property details!

You have found what you are looking for, lets do a little more research!

When you have found the property that you were looking for, it’s now time to research the little things and confirm if this is the right property to purchase.  There are numerous checks that are worth completing before you start to negotiate with legal expenses and put the purchase into motion.

The first thing that may be worth checking, especially if you’re thinking of having an office at home, is the broadband speed.  Take a look at Speedtest.net which can test the area for you and will also give you details of mobile reception too.

Take a look at Ordance Survey MapFinder which can be invaluable for checking the proximity of local footpaths, for finding local features and helping you get to know the area.

If you want help in finding out about commuting and you live in the London area why not try Commute From?  A great way of finding out where your nearest tube station is too.

Are you planning on living near an airport?  You can use a services such as the plane finder live app at a cost of £2.99 to see if the property is in the flight path and to see if you will be affected with noise from the planes.  It also allows you to check to see the different landing areas depending on the wind and will determine the flight landing and take-off paths.

The Environment Agency website gives some great details on flooding and contaminated land checks.  You will also be able to see if the property is in a flood plain.

What is the average cost of a property in your area?

Having done your local checks, you may also want to check what similar homes in the locality have sold for.

The HM Land Registry provides records of almost every transaction which you can access in a number of places. The Mouseprice app (costing £2.99) provides a way of checking nearby sales from your mobile while you are out and about viewing properties.

If you are purchasing a property within the stamp duty margins the HMRC will show you how much stamp duty and land tax you will have to pay.

If you are a buy-to-let purchaser, you may want to know the likely profits a property might provide you. The estate agent selling the property to you should be able to give you a guide to what it might let for and the Rental Yield Calc app (costing £0.69) will give you a guide net profit. If you do buy the property and let it out then something like Inventory Pro will help you manage your letting. With Inventory Pro you record the condition of a property both externally and internally with text descriptions and a picture gallery for each room.

So you’re happy with what you have found, now on to the financials

Sorting a mortgage is usually necessary when it comes to buying a property. There are many helpful mobile apps available for when you are out and about like the Mortgage Assistant from London and Country Mortgages. Others include the Barclays Homeowner app and the Halifax Home Finder app, both of which help you search for both a property and mortgage products to go with.

Finding a mortgage is one task that can be completed easily on your smartphone.  Money Saving Expert mortgage calculator can provide details and help you not to overlook arrangement fees and other important costs.

Conveyance can also be completed online too with a company called In-deed providing this type of service.  Signatures for documents can also be complete online now too, by downloading an app such as docusign ink this is great for putting your signature on documents.

Moving in

Once everything is completed and all documents have been signed and completed the last thing that is left to do is move in!

Try using the removal and storage app (costing £4.99). Simply select household items from a list and the app will calculate the estimated area needed to transport, store, or move your items.

Finally, if you are worried that you may have forgotten something, then Moving House app (cost £0.69) will help you keep track of the whole process.

Good luck!