Are you using 4G?

4G network, the bids are in and the lucky companies are announced.

New entrants were listed for the bids of 4G networks, including Chinese owned firms who failed due to the bids being too low.  OFCOM have now granted the permissions to four telecommunications companies for the operation of 4G networks.

The four companies are :

The current operator Everything Everywhere, were also given expanded 4G bandwidth. EE have already rolled out 4G coverage to 28 towns and cities which is equivalent to more than 46% of the population of the UK.  Find out if you can receive 4G in your area.

The UK’s last phone auction was for 3G services, which raised approx £22.5bn and the Government had expected to raise £3.5bn with the auction for 4G services this week but only £2.3bn was raised.  4G can supply data streaming feeds approximately 5 times faster than 3G networks.

OFCOM said the purpose of the auction was to “promote strong competition in the 4G mobile market”. This is expected to lead to faster mobile broadband speeds, lower prices, greater innovation, new investment and better coverage. Almost the whole UK population will be able to receive 4G mobile services by the end of 2017 at the latest.”

It is anticipated that by 2030 the demand for mobile data could be 80 times higher than in 2013, and with the demand, sales of smart phones and tablets have increased dramatically.

Are you looking at 4G networks for yourself or your business?  It is available in your area yet?  Most new hand sets are now specified with 4G ready, do you think you will utilise it?