Baby Faces Could Prevent Criminal Damage & a claim on your Commercial Insurance

Shop owners and councils are trialling a system where babies’ faces are being painted on the outside of shop shutters in a bid to try and prevent graffiti and other criminal activities from taking place.

Following the 2011 summer riots shop owners, police, councils, and other groups have been looking for ways in which they can control anti-social behaviour and prevent it from becoming a problem in towns and cities across the country.

Protecting your business from criminal damage

A number of unique methods have been trialled including the playing of classical music, the use of pink lighting, and, now, the painting of baby faces on the outside of window shutters.

The baby portraits are said to work because people are less likely to commit an offence when they see the images. Papers from as far back as the 1940s have shown that displaying baby faces, even those of strangers, has a calming effect and could help prevent rioters, thieves, and graffiti artists from attacking shops and other premises.

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