Beauty Salons Must Update Insurance to Cover New Treatments

When it comes to nails nowadays, a simple classic manicure isn’t going to cut it. With the trends for gel nails, acrylic extensions and nail art increasing by the minute, nail bars have gone from strength to strength over the past few years. Plus regular salons are constantly expanding and adapting their list of services to meet the demand as well.

There’s no sign of this beauty boom slowing down any time soon. Other popular beauty treatments that are becoming standard for today’s style-conscious women include false eyelashes and eyebrow threading and dying.

While it’s great that these beauty services are being offered by a wider variety of beauty salons and nail technicians, it’s important to understand the new risks that offering the additional services could have on your beauty insurance policy or nail technician policy.

Is your salon properly insured for new services?

As treatments are constantly being updated to meet new demands, business owners must check that any changes are adequately covered by their existing salon insurance policy.

With new services comes new risks and it’s important to seek information from to an insurance consultant to ensure you’re fully protected.  Even if you carry out all of the safety procedures such as patch tests, there’s still always a risk of becoming liable for an injury or allergic reaction suffered by a client or staff member.

Not all beauty treatments are automatically covered under a blanket policy; you might need to get specialised insurance add-ons such as Treatment Risk.

Women spending more money on nails than hair

According to research carried out by nail brand Original Additions, women now spend an around £450 a year to keep their nails perfectly in shape – more than they’re spending on getting their hair done.

Having their nails done is now considered an integral part of the beauty routine, rather than a one-off treatment for nights out and special occasions.

This upwards trend is being fuelled by celebrities such as Rihanna and Katy Perry who are known for flashing flamboyant decorated talons both on the red carpet and on their social media feeds. Sharp stiletto acrylics, nail jewels and embellishments – this market continues to grow with each new trend and idea.

In such a fast changing market, it is more important than ever for UK beauty salons and nail bars to keep on top of their insurance policies.

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