Beauty Salons not using Marketing

It’s best to think of a website as a shop window to your business,  be it a beauty salon, hairdressing salon or nail salon.

The first stop for many consumers is to find your business website and browse the products and prices, which will then result in a booking for an appointment.  So why is it that almost half of small health and beauty business do not have a website?

Marketing, websites and social media are an important part of any business, with 80% of beauty owners saying they are very or fairly knowledgeable with their IT skills.

Are you a beauty salon and do you have a strategy that you would like to implement or are you unsure as to where to start with your marketing strategy?

If you do not market your business and promote it effectively, you may not be successful as you could be. Marketing is about making sure the right people hear about what you have to offer and what you are about so that the consumer can decide if they want what you offer and will know how they can find you to get it.  Marketing is more than just placing an advert, designing a brochure or a website – every contact you make with a potential customer is a form of marketing. Your aim is to make these contacts as positive as possible.

“Marketing is making sure that your business becomes the first salon they think of”

The Insurance Octopus have put together some suggestions  for using social media for marketing that may help you generate a conversation and engagement with your customers.

Twitter is a simple social media tool. Generate a user name based around your business name – for example we are @theinsuranceoct – then create the biography details that will show within your heading home page and you are ready to tweet with a 140-character limit.

Twitter is a great tool for beauty business tweeting offers of the day or week, or pictures of completed nails enhancements or products on offer.  There are many things that Twitter can be used for and it is a great tool for communicating with your customer base.

Facebook is the most popular of the social networking. Creating a business profile, is similar to a personal profile account in that you still use it in the same way with status updates, photographs, conversation and adding friends.

An important tip to remember is to add your business location, which will add value to your account so that local customers can find you within a search.

Google+ is a social networking site similar to Facebook.  There are areas to hangout, while you can add people to your circles which you can organise into related areas of interest, plus you can also add events and photographs.  Again, remember to add locations of where you are so that local customers can find you within a search.

Linkedin is a business networking tool and is more of a ‘business official’ tool.  LinkedIn lets you connect with people that you have worked with, are working with and have done business with, as well as potential prospects.  It’s a great tool for networking your business with other business and selling yourself.

For The Insurance Octopus we find that these are our main points of social media along with our ‘shop window’ which is our website To market your social media, add icons to your business cards, your brochures and let people know that you’re there.