British Pie Week: 10 Ways to Upsell a Pie

Ahh, British Pie Week! The perfect opportunity for pubs and restaurants to upsell one of our country’s greatest delicacies. Whether the pies you sell are filled with steak or served with custard, there’s a lot of potential to flog baked goods this week.

1. Pie & a pint

One of the nation’s favourite lunch deals, a pie & a pint goes down well with so many target markets. Families, builders on a break, and friends watching the footie will all want to take advantage of this patriotic combo. Why not up the attraction by giving pies away for free with selected beers on draft?

2. The pie poll

Engage with your customers by holding a `pie poll`. Bake up a selection of homemade pies, a different filling a day if possible, and ask your guests to vote for the best. Designate a member of staff to take photographs of people’s pies throughout the day, asking them to submit a score. Don’t forget to include a vegetarian option!

3. Know your product

Really market to your pie’s strengths; if your product has 25% more cheese than that of your competitors, make your customers know about it! Spend time with your chefs to understand how the pies are made, and relay the knowledge to your front of house/bar staff. Drop little nuggets here and there, your customers will come back for more once they know how much love and graft goes into their food.

4. Roam the streets with pie tasters

There’s no shame in admitting you love a freebie, especially if smouldering hot pies are on the menu! Bake up some of your best and lay them out on a platter, ensuring you take some napkins with you. Ask two bubbly team members to dish them out in front of the premises, and wait for those front doors to open.

5. Extend the pie theme to your drinks menu

Not everyone is a fan of deep-dish pastry, and not every occasion calls for pie (or does it? Hmm…) and so your pub or restaurant might benefit from extending the theme to your drinks menu. Apple pie martini, anyone?

6. Craft pie recipe cards

Think about who you’ve got on your team. Chances are, you’ve got at least one creative spark just waiting to showcase their skills! If you are lucky enough to have a member of staff who can design, then craft some recipe cards to prop up on the bar and tables.

7. Pair up with your local pie shop or butcher

Sourcing produce from your local pie shop or butcher might give you the edge you need. Customers are becoming aware of what they are putting in their bodies, so serving them organic or fresh meat would earn you some real brownie points.

8. Upsell pies the old fashioned way

When we talk about upselling, the first thing that springs to mind is informing customers of specials and additional dishes at the table. There is nothing wrong with traditional upselling; in fact, how often can you say `no` to large wine or extra garlic bread? Train your front of house members to recommend your pie by providing a back story on the fillings, or of how the pastry was made.

9. Know what to serve your pies with

Knowing what to serve your pies with is just as important as the main attraction, if not more! Liaise with your chefs about seasonal veg and garnishes, a little bit of fancy goes a long way.

10. Get your pie chef on social

Digital savvy pubs and restaurants should take note of social media throughout British Pie Week. Play around with cooking vlogs and `behind the scenes` material. Why not introduce your customers to your most experienced chef on camera?


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