Britons love the Internet

Internet usage has more than doubled, smart technology, on-line shopping and social networking, all continue to grow.  What would we do now, without the internet.

There are significant differences between age brackets of how we all use the internet.  Take for instance in 6 years, the usage of the internet within the UK has doubled and with 33 million people using the internet every day, representing 68% of people using the internet are aged over 16.

With the significant growth of social networking via Facebook and Twitter activity this represents how people use the internet to communicate with each other be it for business or personal use.  Social networking is now the most popular activity amongst 16 – 24 years olds with them also being the largest users of many of the available internet activities.  Adults within the age bracket of 45 – 54 years of age are also using social networking sites, but email remains the most popular communication tool.

With the use of smart phones to access the internet, which is being increased by falling prices of technology and the popularity of devises like the Galaxy and iPhone, over 50% of adults used a mobile phone to access the internet in 2012 – more than double from 2010 with 32% going on-line via their handset every day.

In 2012, 21% of people used a tablet to access the internet outside their home or work place, whilst 34% used a laptop.

Using a mobile for the internet is now an every day part of our lives, the ONS commented that “60% of adults went on-line in 2012 via WI Fi hotspots or mobile networks.  But despite the growing popularity and “cool factor” of tablet devices, laptop computers are still a more popular option for out-and-about browsing”.

Internet shopping is reflected in the survey via the ONS, and with retailers now blaming internet shopping for high street shopping disappearing.  With internet traders having reduced over heads and bigger bulk buying power this will inevitably happen.  Consumers will turn to the internet to look for cheapest prices and they will pick up a bargain.

Two-thirds shopped on-line in 2012, up from just over half in 2008, with clothes and sports goods the most popular purchase. The most keen to buy on-line were 25 to 34-year-olds (87%).

The ONS survey was completed by approximately 1,800 adults.

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What is your browsing history, do you just use a mobile device, do you have a laptop, do you use a tablet?  So much to choose from!