Business Insurance for Environment Consultants

With mounting pressure to protect the environment and run greener operations, environment consultancy has never been in higher demand – in both the public sector and the private sector.

From conducting environmental impact assessments and managing legal issues through to testing air and soil quality, you’re relied upon to carry out a variety of important tasks for businesses and government departments.

While having the power to influence the direction of planning applications, protect endangered species, spearhead renewable energy schemes and create government policies is testament to your specialised scientific expertise and practical skills, there are certain risk factors that come with this role that need to be covered by a quality business insurance package for environment consultants.

Here we delve into some of the what-ifs surrounding this job and explain how you can guard yourself through insurance protection…

What if you’re injured while conducting a field study?

An integral part of your role as an environment consultant is to be out there in the field (sometimes quite literally) collecting various samples. In uncontrolled natural surroundings, the risk of injury is obviously much higher than when you’re based at the office.

Sometimes, this job requires accessing potentially dangerous areas to monitor wildlife habitats in rooftops or to test for contaminates. While you’re trained to handle the unexpected, it’s impossible to control everything and there’s always a risk you might be injured at work.

This is why personal injury insurance is a must-have feature of environment consultants insurance. Being hurt and unable to work for an amount of time is a nightmare prospect, but if you’re adequately insured then you’ll have financial support to help cover any loss of trade and income. This provides priceless peace of mind so that you’re able to concentrate on your recovery.

What if you make a mistake that leads to serious problems further down the line?

Even the most competent and experienced environment consultants sometimes make mistakes. Often these will go unnoticed and won’t cause any major issues, but what if an honest mistake contributes to a client making important decisions based on inaccurate information that results in serious issues?

You could lose vital irretrievable samples leading to an expensive delay for a project. Inaccurate data could leave a client in hot water if a site that was deemed safe by you is later discovered to be contaminated. This is why professional indemnity insurance for environment consultants is the most important cornerstone of protection.

This covers you against claims for the likes of professional negligence, loss of data and breach of contract. Even if you do your job to the best of your ability, following expert analysis and procedures, you could still be faced with an unhappy client at the end of it all.

Disputes with clients have the potential to get nasty. If a claim is made against you for professional negligence, even if this claim is unfounded, PI insurance covers your legal expenses along with any trade losses while proceedings are underway.

What if a member of the public is hurt as a result of your work?

If a member of the public or client is injured or their property is damaged as a result of something you’ve done, they could decide to claim for compensation. In cases such as this, the public liability element of your insurance steps in to cover the financial implications of such proceedings.

Public liability claims could be made if somebody trips over a piece of your equipment that should have been packed away and suffers a serious back injury. Another scenario could involve you inadvertently causing damage to a property while carrying out some research.

What if your equipment is damaged or stolen?

If your equipment is damaged or stolen while being stored at the office or when you’re out in the field, this would leave you faced with the costs of replacement along with the possibility of losing out on jobs as you wait for your new gear to arrive.

Getting an add-on included in your environment consultancy business insurance plan to cover your equipment gives you peace of mind in knowing that the cost of replacing your tools and kit should they be compromised is covered.

Business interruption insurance is another add-on that would cover any loss of income and trade suffered as the result of an incident that was out of your control.

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