Business Insurance vital to protect your livelihood during riots

Insurance industry sources have already predicted that the riots spreading across the UK could cost the insurance industry up to £500M in claims.

This may be damaging to the insurance industry as a whole but it will continue, the same may not be able to be said if the business making the claim is yours and you are not properly insured, or worst case, not insured at all.

Now is definitely the time to check your business insurance policy, making sure you have the correct cover for all eventualities so your buildings and contents are covered.

If you run any business that may be at risk, checking the contents levels and buildings sum stated is essential. All UK business insurance companies and brokers will be able to provide you with your policy schedule which will detail all levels insured.

Most shop insurance, pub insurance or other retail and wholesale insurance packages will include cover for the type of acts that are currently occurring across the UK however taking 10 minutes to check your commercial insurance policy, speaking with your broker or insurer, to be certain and updating the levels of cover you have could be a wise move at this current time.

If you do not currently have your business insurance in place contact us now, we can place you on cover immediately and protect your business.