Businesses are now facing a record number of pay-outs when it comes to personal injury claims.  If you want to protect your business against claims at a great price then you need to get a public liability insurance quote from us now.

Don’t delay sorting out this vital insurance cover for your business.  Personal injury claims could cost you dearly if you do not have the right insurance protection in place.

Big Pay-outs for 2011

Last year a record number of businesses faced compensation claims.  One of the main reasons for this is that it is now easier than ever for people to make legal personal injury claims.  With ‘No Win No Fee’ lawyers advertising aggressively on the television and online the compensation culture is growing with each year.

This means you need to get your public liability insurance quote now and sort out protective cover for your business.  Big pay-outs for 2011 included:

  • Health Spa Claim – a leading luxury health spa was forced to pay-out after a customer slipped and fractured her shoulder during a spa break.  The claimant needed surgery following the injury and had to take over 12 weeks off work whilst recovering.  The injury was caused by a water hazard on ceramic tiles.  The health spa was found responsible for the accident because no slip warning signs were in place or anti-slip mats used.  The claimant was awarded £10,000 in compensation.
  • Supermarket Claim – even the big supermarkets are not safe from personal injury claims.  Asda was recently forced to pay £45,000 in damages to customer that was injured in their car park.  The claimant tripped over a damaged paving slab and broke their elbow.  This was a severe break with complications and the claimant was forced to give up work and take early retirement because of it.

As you can see just one single claim could result in serious financial costs to your business.  This could put your business in jeopardy and cause a lot of stress for you and your employees. You need to sort out your public liability quote as soon as possible to protect your business.

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