Businesses Urged To Protect Their Assets With Shop Insurance

All businesses can benefit from having the right insurance package in place. Whether it is an off-license or coffee shop, florists or newsagents, a business can enjoy protection from various forms of loss.

A shop insurance quote can be tailored to meet the needs of any type of shop and the specific requirements of the business. The policy can cover public and employer’s indemnity, which are both a legal requirement in some instances, as well as other factors such as commercial vehicle insurance and protection for stock value.

What does Shop Insurance cover?

A standard policy will usually cover the stock, contents of the shop, and money while protecting against loss caused by accidental damage. Additional components can also be added to further improve the usefulness of the policy.

Businesses that own their own premises, vehicles, or equipment and tools can add these to their shop insurance policy.

Contact The Insurance Octopus to discuss your financial requirements and to see how we can help protect your business interests. We can provide you with access to a comprehensive shop insurance quote that has been carefully tailored to include the components and coverage level that your business requires.