Capital Allowances on Commercial Property – Claim your entitlement

Capital Allowances

In tough economic times every business should be maximising their revenue and managing costs appropriately. One area that has been under the microscope for some time is that of retrospective capital allowances on commercial property and furnished holiday lets.

What are capital allowances?

In simple terms, capital allowances is a mechanism by which the HMRC rewards businesses when they invest money in property, as some of this investment can be offset against profits and therefore your annual tax bill.

By employing the services of a specialist capital allowances company you will have an expert team who specialise in calculating capital allowances to make sure you maximise your tax saving.

The best part of this is that claims can be completed retrospectively and in most cases the HMRC will owe you!
Current estimates state potentially 96% of businesses haven’t made the most of their capital tax allowances

It sounds too good to be true!

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When talking about HMRC capital tax allowances and money back from the HMRC, many people can be sceptical as it does sound too good to be true. The truth however is that capital allowances is a specialised area and even most accountants will be unable to guarantee they have maximised the capital allowances on buildings, as they simply don’t have the necessary tools to do so.

In a simple analogy, if you go to a GP for a heart complaint they may refer you to heart specialist at the hospital; it’s the same for capital allowances. Your accountant will be able to look after your current finances but may well need the help of a specialist capital allowance company such as ourselves to really look after you to maximise your capital allowance claims.

Who to contact?

At The Business Octopus we have teamed up with CA Tax Solutions who have generated over 300 million pounds of successful claims and who are currently working on claims in excess of £950 million.

We have chosen them for the service they offer and positive reputation they have gained, working with clients to make the process as simple as possible and getting the best results for their clients. Their fees are only payable on successful completion of their report and your accountants sign off, and no fees are payable if they can’t find at least £50,000 of capital allowances*.

To view more on capital allowances and why CA Tax Solutions can help you, please visit their web site at or call us on 0161 968 2051 and we’ll be happy to discuss the process with you.

You can even complete the initial Client Instruction Form online to get things moving now. To complete the Client Instruction form online please click the link where you can also see full terms and conditions

Do you qualify for Capital Allowances?

• You are a UK taxpayer (Income Tax or Corporation Tax)
• You own a UK commercial property with a minimum purchase of £250,000
• OR you own a furnished holiday property either in the UK with a minimum purchase price of £250,000
• The property is not held fully within a pension fund, charity, government owned or traded as stock

*Terms and conditions apply however no upfront fees are required

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