Shrove Tuesday (4th March) marks the beginning of Lent, a time of giving up something which we usually indulge in or enjoy as test to our willpower for 40 days. From quitting smoking or not eating chocolate, to giving up drinking or caffeine, it all depends on the individual and what they want to challenge themselves with.


Keeping the community spirit going

#Local4Lent is an initiative about celebrating all things local, encouraging people to ditch shopping at supermarkets and instead, embrace local shops on your doorstep, wherever you are in the UK. Whether food and drink or arts and crafts, events and household supplies, the aim is to go that extra mile and support local markets, shops or community centres to help keep them existing on the high street and continue the community spirit.

As the initiative itself recognises, “We know it’s not always easy to shop locally especially if there aren’t many independent shops where you live. But we think with some careful planning and a bit of effort it’s possible to take on the #Local4Lent challenge. Last year we found that some people choose local for their weekly food shop, some for all their groceries, others setting their own targets. We know when it comes to filling your car with fuel or buying shampoo, things can be harder but this challenge is about giving it a go.”

#Local4Lent – Going social

Across Twitter @local4lent and the #Local4Lent Facebook page, businesses and consumers are encouraged to share information, promote their products and causes, network and celebrate all things local. Already there is a strong community feel about it, bringing both sides together and supporting one and all, including local producers, suppliers, businesses and independent companies.

You can check out the full website here, which includes some great tips, information and links to help get you going. At The Business Octopus we think this a great challenge an stand behind everything #Local4Lent stands for!

Will you be giving the challenge a go? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter @TheInsuranceOct.