Changes to surgery and clinics insurance

Although certain types of surgery and procedures will be covered by patient health insurance, associated risks within surgeries and clinics requires specific insurance; with more surgical practices comes the need for more caution, particularly in the cosmetics surgery industry.

Changes in protection

There have been recent developments in the protection of procedures for corrective treatment made by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), who have outlined a document called the Aesthetic Surgery Commitment (ASC) Policy. This policy details how NHS surgeons, and in particular those in private practices will be financially covered in the occurrence of all of the most common complications of surgery.

Some of these are as simple as infection or bleeding, which are instances when a surgeon or clinic has previously been culpable. However with things like this policy surgeons will now be insured against arising issues. To read about any of these details and the people involved on the board, look at the governmental department website for cosmetic procedures.

Correct cover is key

News like this ASC policy and the BAAPS drives home the message that your clinic needs the correct type of insurance. Sometimes this will be as basic as public liability insurance, but you need to be well-informed about the minor problems that could turn out to be a massive expense for your company.

At The Insurance Octopus we know that as a surgery or a clinic your company can be financially affected in broad areas due to the wide variety of visitors you will have at your business premises. Whether your policy necessitates cover for staff, your building and its contents or you medication stores, we can provide the information as to which would be the right insurance quote for you and your business.

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