Christmas 2012 TV Adverts

The new John Lewis snowman advertising campaign has become the nation’s favourite Christmas advert on TV.  Details released in a recent survey said that 28.3% of shoppers said that it was their favourite.

John Lewis has become renowned for its marketing drives and its Christmas greetings and offers.  Last years Christmas TV Advert featured a cover of ‘The Smiths’ ‘Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, after the successful Ellie Gouldings version of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ in 2010.

The music that is played within TV Adverts has a crucial role in the success of the campaign.  Marks and Spencers choice of song selections was praised by viewers, whilst Iceland came 4th using the soundtrack from a 1971 movie ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’.  This song choice help them move up the charts!

Whilst the representation of Argos using ‘Aliens’ came 3rd using a different approach than the norm, sticking with traditional themes and messages is key to John Lewis’s success with Christmas advertising.

Conlumino’s Senior Consultant Joseph Robinson explained: “In addition to its strong emotional pull, the John Lewis advert has real resonance: at a time of austerity a lot of people are focusing on the real meaning of Christmas, which means things like love, family, and finding meaningful gifts are all messages consumers buy into.”

Top 10 Christmas Adverts of 2012

  1. John Lewis 28.3%
  2. M&S 17.1%
  3. Argos 11.2%
  4. Iceland 8.2%
  5. Asda 5.7%
  6. Tesco 5.2%
  7. Waitrose 4.4%
  8. Boots 3.1%
  9. Sainsbury’s 3.0%
  10. Morrisons 2.7%