Compare your Retail Shop Insurance Quotes within 10 minutes

How do you look for your business insurance, and have you thought about using a comparative retail shop insurance quotation tool? The Insurance Octopus let you compare insurance quotes from top UK insurers, for instance if you are an owner of a Delicatessen, a General shop or newsagents, a Boutique shop, a Fish and Chip shop or any takeaway type shop and more, you will be able to get a quotation from The Insurance Octopus. If you choose to complete a quote online yourself it will take approximately 5-10 minutes.  At the end of completing a quote you will be given the opportunity to view comparative quotes followed with purchase options.  Purchasing business insurance online is also an easy process with The Insurance Octopus.

Why do I need Retail Shop Insurance?

As a retailer, you will also need to look to insure your stock, fixtures and fittings however, most shop insurance policies will  also offer to cover extra items under a retailers policy.  This can include items such as cover for money, goods in transit, glass and loss of profits and more.

Will my staff be insured?

If you have any number of employees, you are required by law to have employers’ liability insurance.  Employers liability cover will protect you against your legal liability for any injury caused during the period of insurance. Remember employers liability insurance will also be required even if you have unpaid workers or part time workers too.

Will my shop building be insured?

A majority of retail shop insurance policies will allow you to cover the building under the same policy; you will need to check with your business insurance provider for clarification on your policy.

Will my Retail Shop insurance cover me for Public Liability?

Again, a majority of insurers will usually cover you automatically for public liability insurance.  Public Liability insurance covers you in the event of a member of the public making a claim against your retail shop.  Public Liability can also have the inclusion of products liability which would cover you for goods sold or supplied by your retail shop. You will however again, need to check with your business insurance provider for clarification on your policy. What types of shops are covered? At The Insurance Octopus we have many types of business insurances available as part of our retail shop insurance. These include: Fish and Chip Shop Insurance Florist Insurance Cake Makers Insurance Takeaway Food Insurance Bakery Shop insurance Boutique Insurance If you’d like to discuss you retail or shop insurance, why not give us a call or get a competitive online quote? We’re here to help. [quotebutton]