Complaints against Landlords rise by a quarter

With the cost of rental properties rising all the time, it is not surprising that tenants are complaining more about the properties they live in, everybody wants to get what they are paying for.

A recent report from Shelter, based on information released by local authorities under the Freedom of Information laws revealed that complaints about Landlords have increased by 27% in the last 3 years.

Hazardous Homes putting Tenants in Danger

Around 62% of the complaints were related to “serious or life-threatening hazards”, with some cases resulting in the involvement of  health services. Among the most common hazards reported were dangerous gas  and electrics and severe cases of damp.

It is important for all landlords to ensure that their properties are in a good state of repair; it will stop the complaints coming that could potentially damage your reputation. Landlord Insurance can help protect you against unexpected costs for repairs with cover against things such as fuel leakage and protection against subsidence.

Landlords Paying the Price for Poor Service

The study by Shelter also revealed that the number of successful prosecutions against private landlords following a complaint rose by around 77% between 2010 and 2012, showing that landlords must take such issues seriously.

In response to these findings the charity are running the campaign ‘Evict Rogue Landlords’ and will be encouraging people to contact their councils with complaints rather than living in sub-standard conditions out of fear.  This is likely to see the number of complaints rise even higher.

Landlord Insurance can Protect Your Business

Even if you are a very good landlord, which we at The Insurance Octopus of course assume you are, there can still be unexpected situations that cost more than you anticipated. That is why it is vital that your Landlord Insurance Policy is comprehensive and covers the right areas for your property or portfolio of properties.

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