Comprehensive Cover for Private Teachers and Tutors

If you are a private teacher or tutor of children, students or mature students, you will be responsible for organising your own insurance cover.

Whether you teach piano lessons at your own premises, visit students’ homes to prepare them for A-Level examinations or use a third party location for dance classes, this profession automatically comes with a variety of risks that need to be taken into consideration.

So that you can concentrate on the job at hand with complete peace of mind, experts here at The Insurance Octopus can put together a specially designed bespoke insurance plan to protect you in a variety of possible situations.

­Insurance for private teachers and tutors should be tailored to each individual situation. Here is an essential guide on the key aspects to include in a comprehensive package.

Professional indemnity insurance

It is every teacher’s worst nightmare to have their abilities questioned and a claim made against them.

Disgruntled parents may place the blame after their children fail to make the grade and demand a refund. In this situation, professional indemnity insurance protects you against the financial fallout of having to defend yourself against such claims.

Personal accident cover

As an independent teacher or tutor, there is always the risk of being injured while working and not being able to carry out your usual duties.

Personal accident insurance covers the financial costs while you are off work recovering. If your tutoring business has one of more employees, this element can also be used to cover up to five members of staff as part of an employees’ benefit package.

Employers’ liability insurance

If you are an employer, even just temporarily, it is a legal obligation to have employers’ liability insurance in place.

Maybe you have called upon a couple of tutor friends to handle an increased workload or taken on an assistant to help keep on top of organisation. This essential protection covers you for up to £10 million should an employee suffer a work related illness or injury and make a claim against you.

Learning equipment cover

Unlike working in a school, college or university, private teachers and tutors must foot the bill for their own equipment, books and stationary.

Items such as musical instruments and computers are expensive and it makes a lot of sense to have these protected specifically with learning equipment cover. This way, you can quickly fix or replace essential items without incurring huge extra costs.

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