Construction Industry low

Employment predictions within the construction industry, is expected to pick up in the East of England and London during 2013.  Activity in Wales will have a boost with the building of the Wylfra Nuclear Power Plant whilst the North East will rebound from what has been quite a dip in employment.

The construction sector during 2012 lost 60,000 jobs whilst output fell 9% due to a large part of general public spending cuts.  Construction employment is now expected to continue to fall until around 2016 with the UK construction industry not expected to recover its pre-recession peak level of output until 2022.

The sector has been his hard and this is due to a combination of public sector spending cuts and lack of investments.  Public sector construction in 2012 fell 20% whilst infrastructure fell 15% commercial construction 10% and private housing 5%.

Do you see a difference in work availability with your construction business or are you busier than ever?