Directors and Officers Insurance – Essential Protection for Business Leaders

In the world of corporate risk management, Directors and Officers insurance is an integral component of success.  As a business owner, you need managing directors capable of making key decisions on complex matters.

Whether you are the MD or you recruit somebody else to take on this position, preparing for a rainy day instills the peace of mind required for effective leadership.

D&O insurance cover gives your leaders the confidence to take the necessary risks that come with running a company, without the constant concern that their neck could be on the line should a claim be made against them.

From breaches of contract to professional negligence and libel claims, there are many occurrences that should be prepared for.  Even if the top decision makers are highly experienced and extremely competent in the role, company directors are only human and mistakes are inevitable.

Having a specially designed insurance policy for directors put together by experts at The Insurance Octopus protects your company and your senior team from a variety of high-risk scenarios.

Directors indemnity insurance

Effective cover for business leaders must include indemnity insurance. This essential element provides financial protection should a claim be made against a managing director or your company as a whole for breach of contract or damages. This type of insurance can be tailored to your specific needs and can even include blanket cover protecting all of the directors in the past, present and future.

What else can be included in this insurance package?

There are other components that enhance this type of business insurance plan. Employment liability protects you and your business from the likes of wrongful dismissal claims, while criminal activity cover is essential in dealing with situations where an employee breaks the law through activity relating to their job.

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