Do Disclaimers Negate the Need For A Public Liability Insurance Quote?

There are many types of insurance policy that modern businesses can use and while insurance premiums may seem like a monthly outgoing that you can do without, it can prove a lot more costly if you do not have insurance in place when you need it. It is a common misconception that waivers and disclaimers mean that a shop or other business is not liable for any damage caused, however this is not usually the case. You would be better protected by requesting a comprehensive public liability insurance quote to protect you against possible compensation claims and legal expenses that can often be financially crippling to a business.

Signs carry little weight should a case reach the courts, although they may dissuade some claimants in the first place. Some people will be unable to read the signs while others simply may not read them, and the wording of signs is also another consideration. This means that they are not typically seen as a case for your defence by the courts. Request a public liability insurance quote to protect you against any legal action. This will give you greater protection and greater peace of mind that your business is not at risk. Call 0161 968 2041

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