Do I Need Separate Business Insurance If I Work From Home?

Running a business from your own home has a number of advantages, which is why millions of people do exactly that. However, this doesn’t negate the need to employ sensible and efficient business practices including the purchase of adequate small business insurance. There are some policies which you may be required to take out by law and, even if you decide not to insure your home business, you should inform your home insurance company at the very least.

Computer and home office equipment will most likely not be covered by your home insurance. Policy cover for working from home insurance will vary depending on your requirements and the policy you choose, but you can take out small business insurance for home businesses to protects you that starts from around £80 a year. We can help if you’re not sure what you may need.

Portable items like laptops, smartphones, and tablet PCs can be insured if they are used for business purposes and so too can stock that you might store in your home. Some policy elements such as employer’s liability insurance are a legal requirement if you employ any individuals full or part time, paid or unpaid so you will need to take out this as part of your policy.

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