Opening and successfully running a business means that you need to carefully manage every aspect of that business. This includes ensuring that you maintain the appropriate level of shop insurance without paying for elements that you do not necessarily need.

What Insurance is Included?

Typically, if you lease your commercial property, then the landlord will protect the property itself but you will be responsible for insurance on everything inside the property.

The physical shop front is only really one aspect of your business, although it is obviously an important one, so you need to make it priority to check with your landlord to determine what they do and do not provide coverage for.

Consider the building itself, any equipment such as air conditioning or storage, and the windows and doors. Accidental damage to the property may also be included; in which case you don’t need to worry about these elements yourself.

If you make any structural changes to the premises such as stud walls or false ceilings then you will need cover for this which can often be provided a policy called tenants improvements.

You should consider protecting your own stock and inventory. Your landlord is unlikely to cover these elements, and you must ensure that you have the appropriate level of public liability insurance.

If you employ people to work in your shop then you will legally need employers’ liability coverage too.

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