Do you have WIFI within your business premises?


With the fall of major high street brands at the beginning of 2013, HMV, Jessops, Blockbuster and Comet so far it has not been and easy ride for retailers.

How can we attract customers?

Retailers are now thinking what they can do to attract customers and how can they engage with customers.  High street outlets such as Maplin and WH Smiths are now beginning to see the benefit of introducing WIFI into their stores.  Many other outlets are now following as they too are seeing the benefits and see the internet as a benefit in store rather than a negative.

‘WIFI gives a great marketing experience for customers, it can lead to greater opportunities to market’

What are the benefits?

Overall, the benefits outweigh the negatives

  • WIFI is a faster browsing experience for the customers.
  • WIFI would require the customer to log-in via a customer branded home page, which provides the opportunity to market promotions, tailor marketing initiatives, and capture customer information.
  • It can provide an opportunity for a customer to research what they are buying whilst in store which again will improve the customers journey experience.
  • Repeat visits then will mean automatic joining and then the opportunity to message the customers with ‘welcome’ messages, reflecting the location, time of day, and purchase incentive buys.

So for a retailer to offer free WIFI is a clear incentive. To communicate and interact with consumers whilst shopping is creating engagement, creating a positive impact and overall satisfying customer experience.  Online shopping is a great customer experience, but consumers still like to touch and feel products that they are buying.  Human contact and customer loyalties will still be there.

“ The Digital World is evolving creating many experiences in a multichannel world”


Do you offer WIFI within your business premises?  Is it open WIFI or password protected? How do you engage with your customers?

Are you thinking of having WIFI within your premises?  Let The Business Octopus know your thoughts