Does your Business Insurance cover you for Storm or Flood Damage?

The environment agency are warning communities in the Anglian, South West of England and the Midlands that further flooding is set to hit us today.  Roads and rail networks yesterday were disrupted and the met office is predicting that heavy rain and strong winds are expected to return to Anglian, South West and the Midlands being worst hit.  Surface water is particularly at high levels due to falling leaves and debris that is blocking drains and channels.

A simple check of your business insurance policy schedule will show you if you are covered for the possibility of being hit with storm or flood damage.  If you are based in an ‘at risk’ area, have you checked your policy, is the cover you need correct, if not, do you need to amend your policy? Contact your business insurance provider or we, The Business Octopus can help you tailor your Landlord Insurance, Retail Insurance, Shop Insurance, Commercial insurance, and Office Insurance to what you need as our customer.  Call us on 0161 968 2041 or complete a call back or quotation online.

With a possible 50mm of rainfall already, saturating the ground and some rivers reaching high levels, 87 flooding warnings are being advised with details being updated hourly, to be possibly expected across the named areas.  The environment agency have said “our teams are working across the country, cleaning watercourses of debris and monitoring river levels and we will be out in force over the coming days”.