Don’t become a victim of the high street downturn – protect yourself with retail insurance from The Business Octopus!

2011 has been an eventful year for the retail industry, and indeed, for many shop owners, it has been a very trying one. From the English riots to the recent publication of government research that has found that a third of high streets are “degenerating or failing”, there has certainly been no shortage of discouraging headlines pertaining to the world of retail. And that’s before the subject of the general economic uncertainty that continues to reign, both in the UK and across Europe, is brought up… all of which means that it has never been more important to invest in retail insurance.

If you get in touch with The Business Octopus, we can provide you with a highly competitive retail insurance policy, complete with all of the safeguards that you require for a retail landscape that is more fraught with dangers to your profits than seemingly ever before. We can provide you with building cover, for example, that protects your business financially against such risks as fires, floods, storms and vandalism. Also included is contents insurance for protecting everything inside your building.

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