Ensure that litigation doesn’t take your company down, by investing in our professional indemnity cover

After a challenging 2011 – and, indeed, a challenging several-year period – it’s fair to say that many businesses want to be able to focus on maximising their profit margins and maybe even taking on new employees in 2012. Nonetheless, predictions of the state of the economy throughout the coming year remain, at best, lukewarm… and that’s before you consider the risks that are posed to your business regardless of the prevailing economic conditions at any one time, such as litigation. Indeed, it is to protect your own company against the latter that you may want to invest in our professional indemnity cover.

Professional indemnity cover from The Business Octopus incorporates all of those key components that you require from such an insurance policy at a time when there has never been a more prominent ‘No Win No Fee’ culture. Such components include cover for legal fees, which you may still otherwise have to pay from your own pocket, even if you win your case. They also include comprehensive cover for cases that concern copyright infringement or breaches of contract.

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