Essential Skills for Successful Event Planning

Summer is the peak season for the special events industry. From conferences, award ceremonies and employee away days to parties, weddings and charity galas, small businesses and independent event planners have a lot on their plate when it comes to preparing for such occasions.

While these one-off events sometimes only last a few hours, the planning stage can go on for several months or longer.

With so much coordination involved and endless decisions to make, getting it right requires a person with certain strengths.

Here we have highlighted some of the key traits that successful party planners and event managers must have.

Highly organised

Event planners need to be multi-tasking ninjas capable of wearing several different hats at once.

A lot of effort and strategic thinking goes into arranging all of the small yet integral details that come together to make something happen.

Getting the dates and timings perfect, arranging adequate event organiser insurance to cover you for the likes of public liability, booking venues and entertainment early to ensure availability and recruiting the right team to help you reach targets are all vital elements contributing to the overall success of a project.

Quite often, event planners have to arrange several events at the same time. Not getting your wires crossed and keeping individual plans separate demands superhuman focus.


Even the most prepared event organisers encounter problems that have the potential to ruin everything. Having the ability to be flexible and think on your feet is essential.

Acknowledging when an idea simply isn’t working out and quickly moving on to a better strategy keeps the planning stage running smoothly.

While perfectionism can be a positive trait ensuring high standards, stubbornly trying to stick to original arrangements instead of leaving room for necessary changes can also be a recipe for disaster.

Solving problems head on and changing course when the situation calls for it are much more productive tactics than a dogged determination to stick to every last detail of an initial vision. Always have a plan B.

Calm under pressure

Being susceptible to meltdowns under pressure is not going to cut it in the world of event planning. Remaining calm and composed makes addressing problems and finding solutions much more achievable.

Panicky moments are naturally completely normal and largely unavoidable in this line of business, but being able to overcome less than ideal occurrences without getting yourself into a flap is imperative for staying on track.

Even if you’re struggling to cope, keeping up appearances with a big smile and can-do attitude keeps you focused, positive and able to move forward.

Remaining calm is also important when dealing with employees, suppliers and clients – relationships that benefit greatly from mutual respect.

Strong leader

No man or woman is an island. Successful projects are the result of an effective team headed by a strong and experienced leader.

As an event planner responsible for managing every last detail, you need to be able to delegate the right tasks to the right people.

Taking on too much responsibility means you could lose sight of the bigger picture, while having dedicated members of staff with specialised skills in certain areas makes more sense.

Effective leadership involves having the people skills and knowhow to get things done – on time and to the highest possible standards.

Rather than winging it, a capable manager plans ahead in order to estimate the amount of time and resources needed to make an event materialise.

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