Five Essential Tips to Setting up a Salon

Research has found that the hair and beauty sector is growing. There are over 35,000 salons in the UK with new salons opening weekly if not daily, so ensuring your salon starts off on the right foot is more important than ever before. Check out our five essential tips to starting up a Salon.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Standing out from the crowd is one of, if not the most important aspect of starting a new salon. Ask yourself one very important question, what niche are you going to occupy? What we mean by this is that you need to know who you’re going to target and which services you are going to offer. Whether you’re going to specialise in male grooming, hair extensions or perms, you need to decide who your ideal customer is, where they are and what they want. Don’t blend in with the surroundings, give your business a look which is different, unique and individual as this will allow you to stand out from the crowd – but don’t go too obscure because you don’t want potential customers to think you’re too different!

Location is Key

Without a doubt, location is make or break for any new business. The more people that see  your business the better, so a high volume of passing traffic will be advantageous as you’ll be seen by more potential clients. Another important aspect to consider when you’re looking for a location is the local amenities. Is there public transport? Is there car parking nearby?

Look for a location that suits you and your style. If you want to be able to talk to your customers and get to know your customers then a city-centre location shouldn’t be at the top of your wish list, because chances are your customers won’t have time to stick around chatting, instead they will want to be in and out. Another key component (opponent?) to consider is the location of your potential competitors.

Employ The Right People

As the owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your staff are qualified with the relevant and appropriate training. Health and safety is important in all businesses however, when in a salon health and safety is quite possibly the most important aspect of your business; your customers are entrusting you and your employees to provide them with a high quality, safe and reliable service. If one of your employees were to provide a service which didn’t abide by health and safety, it could injure your client and your reputation, so make sure you employ the right people to represent your business.

Offer a Variety of Services

Offering a variety of services provides your clients with convenience, for example if you’re specialising in women’s hair extensions, consider offering services such as waxing, manicures and pedicures as this will allow you to be considered as the one-stop salon for all things beauty. Also, offering a range of services will provide you with a larger client base, whereas if you only offer one or two services, you’re likely to have a smaller client base.

Insure You Salon

Having your own hair and beauty salon should be an exciting and rewarding experience, but you need to consider how to protect your business to ensure your financial security in the event of something going wrong. If you own a salon, you need to have a comprehensive insurance policy in place.


Our hair and beauticians insurance policies are specially designed and tailored with you in mind to match your exact requirements. For peace of mind, we can assist you by tailoring your insurance to provide additional covers as and when you need them with the flexibility of being able to add them at any point during the policy year.