Five Tips for Finding the Right Employees for Your Business

No matter what type of shop you own, whether it be a convenience store, phone accessory store or  a flower shop , you’ll know all too well that finding the right employees for your business will always be difficult. Along with coming up with a name for your small business, finding employees is one of the most time consuming and challenging aspects of any business. Here at The Insurance Octopus, we want to help you make your life as stress free as we can, so here are our five top tips to finding the right employees for your business.

Use the right hiring method for your business

For a shop this is one of the most important things to consider when you’re looking for new employees. If you advertise your vacancies on job sites, then it’s likely that you will get plenty of applications, although only a very small percentage of those will actually be worthy of interviewing. An alternative way to advertise your job vacancies is through social media. LinkedIn is a great platform to advertise as you have the opportunity to look for your ideal candidate rather than let them look for you, you’re also able to target a specific skill set meaning that the applications you receive will be tailored to the needs of the job. Another alternative way to find the right candidate for you and your shop is through internships; check out our previous blog for advice on how small businesses can start an Internship Programme.

It’s not all about the qualifications

Having someone that knows the ins and outs of the industry is, and always will be, a great addition to the team, although it’s not the most important aspect of a potential employee. You and your current employees will have to work with this person so their personality needs to match and be in line with your business goals, interests and motto. Realistically, it’s hard to know what someone’s personality will be like after a 20minute interview, so why not invite interviewee’s to a casual interview, this way they are less likely to be nervous which will result in them being more relaxed and natural, then if you think the candidate will be a good fit for your business, either offer them a trial shift or ask them back in for a second interview.

Accept this might not be their long term career

Many shop workers tend to be part-time along side school, college or university, or purely looking for the flexibility of having a casual job. When you’re recruiting you need to understand that many of the applicants may not be hoping to stay in this industry forever, instead the opportunity is more likely to be used as a stepping stone, a way to gain experience and an opportunity to grow customer service skills.

Do your research

Social media allows you to have the profiles of thousands of potential candidates at your finger  tips. Once you’ve whittled down your interviewees, find them on social media. Many people think this is intrusive, but if the candidates profile isn’t privatised, then there’s no problem in doing so. By having a browse across their social media profiles, you’ll be able to learn more about them without having to ask the awkward questions at the interview!

It won’t always work out

You may be a high flying entrepreneur, but at the end of the day you are only human. What we mean by this is that it won’t work out perfectly every time, you might think you’ve found the perfect candidate who you decide to take time to train up who then leaves after three months. No matter how many questions you ask, you won’t get to know their personality or work ethic fully until you spend time with them.

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