Free Training to Help UK Small Firms Boost Productivity

The Government has given the go ahead for a series of innovative projects specially designed to equip British small businesses with the leadership and entrepreneurship skills needed to boost productivity.


As part of the UK Futures Programme run by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), eight local anchor institutions across the UK will be piloting new ways to support businesses through training.Various management development opportunities, mentoring programmes and online leadership training are being planned under this initiative. Small firms who haven’t previously been able to access this type of support are the key targets.


Julie Kenny, Commissioner at UKCES explained how it’s important that each of the anchor institutions demonstrate a strong understanding on the specific issues faced by small businesses in the local community. They’ll also each need to have the ability to reach out to businesses that often find themselves excluded from national programmes for various reasons.


She said:“Small businesses form the backbone of the UK economy. Yet constraints on their time and resources mean they are the least likely to develop the leadership and management skills that will help them grow. Owner managers and senior leaders of small companies need to spend their time and money wisely, and see clear benefits from the start.


Current training programmes are often too broad or vague to be usefully applied in the real world. Simply gaining access to good programmes can also be difficult – for instance if you operate in a more rural area. We need new ways to reach these businesses, and we need solutions that are relevant to each small firm.”


Local universities, Chambers of Commerce, colleges, councils, enterprise agencies, learning partnerships and business schools are among the institutions expected to help the UKCES coordinate this training for small businesses.


For further information on specific projects relating to this scheme in your local community, visit theUKCES website.