Google Algorithm Change – Is Your Business Website Optimised for Mobile?

With more internet users than ever using mobile devices to scour the web, Google’s new algorithm being launched this week will reflect this trend. One of the expected effects of this latest change is for websites that aren’t mobile friendly to be penalised.

In what has been dubbed by SEO experts as ‘mobilegeddon’, small businesses whose websites aren’t optimised for mobile users are expected to fall down or even completely lose their search engine ranking. So businesses that have been enjoying a page one place at the top of Google could quickly lose this advantage.

It’s not just smaller businesses that are risk of losing out in Google’s latest changes. Even some large organisations don’t have mobile-friendly sites in place.

In the constantly changing world of SEO, this latest move could have the biggest impact yet.

Most website designers nowadays will automatically ensure that your site is mobile optimised, but if your site design is quite old and hasn’t been updated recently, this might not be the case.

How do I check if my business website is mobile friendly?

The best way to see if your website needs adapting for mobile users is to refer to Google guidance on the subject.

There’s a test available where you can simply enter your web address and you’ll then be told whether or not your website is optimised for mobile or not.

If web presence is an important part of your business strategy, then you’ll definitely want to keep on top of these changes to make sure that your website is able to perform effectively in the search engines and isn’t faced with a significant disadvantage.