Part 2 Getting a Green Deal Assessment, Repayments & Moving

We have given you an outline of what the Governments Green Deal is all about and how you can have improvements made to your home or business to become more energy efficient and repay the costs of the work through your electricity bill.

Now we will take you though the process to obtain –

  • An assessment
  • Repayment process

Green Deal Assessment, How do I get an assessment?

You need to have your property assessed by a recognised Green Deal assessor.  If your not able to find an assessor via the website you can ask a Green Deal provider to find an assessor for you.

An Assessor – will visit your property, advise you on what improvements that could be made to your home or business and then estimate on how much you could save.  The Green Deal Advice Report will explain the improvements that could be made.  The Assessor can also quote your for improvements or recommended products but you must give them permission to do this for you.

A Provider – will help you decide if Green Deal is right for you, they will provide finance and arrange for the installation of improvements.  You can obtain quotes from as many providers as you like, and you do not have to go with everything they recommend you to do.


Part 3 Repayments

Repayments for the completed work is based on what a home owner or business is expected to save on energy bills by having the work completed.  The costs will be shown on your Green Deal Plan which is the contract between you and the provider.  It will also include the interest rate to be charged.

Before signing your acceptance check that you are completely sure about the repayment terms and conditions.  Most improvements should reduce your heating bills; you will be using less electricity, gas or oil.  However, the actual savings will depend on your energy usage and future pricing of energy.

So, how to I repay the costs back?

The charges are repaid back though your electricity bill so the Green Deal will stay with the property not you.  So for example, if you move you will no longer be charged for the improvements to that house or business, but if you move into a property that has also signed in to the scheme, you will then continue to pay based on the improvements that had been made to your new home or business premises.  If there is no Green Deal attached to the property there is nothing for you to pay.

If you have a pre-payment meter for your electricity bills, you are still able to sign into the Green Deal, every time you top up your meter a small amount will be taken from the meter each day instead. Old properties, low incomes and people on benefits can also take advantage of the Green Deal and get help with incurred costs.  You would need to contact Energy Saving Advice Service or Energy Saving Scotland for details.

Are you looking into the governments Green Deal energy savings initiative?  Have you booked an assessor to come to your property?

Let us know your comments and thoughts?

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