Are You A Green Deal Customer?

The Green Deal was launched at the beginning of 2013 in England and Wales with the Government anticipating around 10,000 customers to be signed up by the end of 2013.  The scheme was then launched one month later in Scotland.

Recent figures released show the overall number of people who have signed up for Green Deal has just passed the 1,000 mark.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change have said 1,173 households have committed to taking part, an increase of 219 households from September figures.

Figures are proving somewhat slower than anticipated with only 219 households having had their Green Deal work completed, with 594 signed and waiting for work to be completed.  The remaining 360 people have obtained Green Deal quotations and have expressed their interest to proceed.

101,851 assessments have been completed up to the end of October an increase of 16,674 (19%) from the end of September figures.  80% of people assessed have expressed an interest and said they would be pursuing at least one of the energy saving products that had been recommended to them in their assessment.

The Green Deal has been criticised about the low uptake rate but the Government are optimistic that this will improve.

British home owners are serious about making energy savings and keeping their homes warm in the winter months, but many would not consider taking up the scheme from Government.