Guard against the risks to your income with our landlords insurance

If you are a current or prospective landlord, then you will certainly have some good reasons to look forward to 2012, for while actual property prices remain fairly flat, the demand for rental properties is expected to remain healthy, which will naturally drive up rents. After all, whilst great capital gains are always welcome, it is your rents that will really pay your mortgage as a landlord. So why not also invest in a great landlords insurance policy to ensure that your income is protected?

When you request a quote for landlords insurance from The Business Octopus, you can be assured that we’ll bring you not only a highly attractive quote, but also a bespoke package that provides you with the exact protection that you need. Our coverage options include for loss of rent, vandalism, accidental damage, public liability and natural causes, subject to limits and policy excesses. The bottom line is that your rental property and its contents represent an investment that deserves the best possible financial backing, in the event of the worst happening.