We all want to know the secret to attracting loyal customers with a steady budget. Good news- this solution is pretty easy to wrap your head around! 92% of people trust recommendations from others over brands, meaning social media sites such as Instagram are great tools to leverage when bookings are sparse. We are entering an age where followers are as trusted as friends, making it easier to make a living on the back of those all-important recommendations. The best part? You don’t have to do anything.

1 Followers are easily influenced (in a good way)

Instagram is a fairground of beautiful things you could own, wear, and adopt. If you don’t post a before & after of your new hair, did you even have it done? When we upload a picture on Instagram, we are seeking acknowledgment that what we have is what another will desire. If one of your regulars has 2k followers and they mention your salon, it can only mean great things for your business (aka, free advertising). Your task? If you spot someone taking a picture, ask for a cheeky `Geotag`.

2 Customer photos offer an honest perception

Customers are not afraid to speak their mind- no matter if you did a good or bad job! Every honest business has mixed reviews though, so don’t be afraid of those with an active voice. Customer photos will manage expectations of how your creations turn out, much better than professional or branded photos can ever manage.

3 Affordability comes into it

We’re not saying you need to put your prices on Instagram, but you can imply that you are an affordable salon through User Generated Content (or UGC, a fancy name for photos shared by your customers). Instagram is famous for serving you images of things you can only dream of, but it’s also filled with realistic people confessing their goals, passions, likes and dislikes. Because of this, followers know they’ll get an honest review of your salon and if they want your services too, it’s likely they’ll be able to afford it.

4 Because your menu is up-to-date

Hairdressers are waaaaay too busy to share photos left, right, and centre- so having your customers share your latest work is somewhat of a luxury. Make sure you `Regram` your favourite ones to show you offer the latest trends, and wait for those booking requests to fly in. Keeping an eye on what your customers say can help improve your customer service, too!

5 Your salon is accessible

We previously mentioned asking your favourite customers to `Geotag`, or to add the location of where the picture was taken. Not only will this raise awareness of your salon as the images move across the internet, but it will give newbies the means to book an appointment with you. You could earn yourself a new cut and blow client, simply by telling them you are on their doorstep!

Hair & Beauty Insurance

Our hair and beauticians insurance policies are specially designed and tailored with you in mind to match your exact requirements. For peace of mind, we can help you to tailor your insurance to provide additional covers as and when you need them with the flexibility of being able to add them at any point during the policy year. This is particularly useful if you decide to offer additional treatments and services during the length of your policy.

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