Healthy ways to keep energy levels up when running a business

If you’re running a business, long days and a considerable amount of stress are inevitable. While reaching for that tenth cup of coffee or raiding the chocolate machine might provide a short-lived pick-me-up, there are healthier ways to boost energy levels and help you stay as sharp and focused as you need to be.

Take regular breaks

Whether it is a ten-minute breather to stand up and stretch those achy muscles, a five minute wander around the office to chat to your employees or a quick dash outside to get some fresh air, taking breaks from your desk is absolutely essential. Spending hours on end stuck in front of a computer can leave you feeling like your eyes are about to pop out of your head – not to mention the lack of movement wreaks havoc on your metabolism.

No matter how busy you are, it is important to find a moment to relax and rebalance. Sometimes, a few minutes of fresh air is all it takes to release you from that awful afternoon fatigue. Being busy and having an office culture where people do not take breaks is not beneficial in the long-term and often leads to low morale and poor performance all round.

Corporate fruit baskets

When you are tired, busy and hungry, it is normal to want to reach for the nearest snack. Often there is a tempting chocolate machine or tantalising bakery lurking nearby – perfect for getting that sugar fix. However, more and more offices and businesses are ordering in healthier treats for staff such as fruit baskets or healthy vending machines.

Healthy energy drinks

Coffee is usually the obvious choice when it comes to an energy-boosting beverage, but there is always a risk of becoming a dehydrated jittery mess. Then there are those horrible caffeine withdrawal headaches when you don’t manage the usual several cups a day. Coconut water is a brilliant source of instant energy to consider and contains energy-increasing minerals such as potassium. Another option is to make your very own smoothie to bring to work. Bananas and wheatgrass are great energising ingredients to include.

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