High Street Shopping Declining

Online shopping saw an increase due to the bad weather in the run up to Christmas.

Research company Springboard have released footfall figures to show that the number of shoppers before Christmas was down by 5.7% in comparison to last year.  Experian also released figures to show that the week before Christmas was down by 6%

Actual shopping centres became more popular than high street shopping with the last two weeks before Christmas seeing retail parks standing out all though December as a whole who have performed the best year on year.  Due to the bad weather conditions it has shown that only the last week before Christmas became tough for the high street retailer – they have normally in the past performed massively over shopping centres and retail parks quite early on, this is not the case for 2013.

With the rise in internet shopping adds to the decline in footfall with Monday 23rd December down 1.1% in comparison to 2012’s last Monday before Christmas.  Instead shoppers have gone to shopping centres with a rise of 7.2% in comparison to last year.

The latest retail sales figures from the Office for National Statistics suggests online sales accounted for 11.9% of total sales excluding fuel in November – the most recent data available.