Hotel Insurance – Crime Prevention Tips for Hoteliers

With the launch of the the London Hotelwatch network which is working in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and Facewatch.  London Hotelwatch, provides up to date information regarding security and communications directly to member hotels via the website and alert systems.  The website has now been expanded to create the same updates and information for beyond the capital.  Hoteliers are now being urged to join the scheme.

All hoteliers should keep up to date with security and the website is a free service to do this with.  If all types of hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Guest Houses etc,  get together this will help in tackling crime in hotels which is increasingly being targeted by criminals.

Some tips for consideration:

  1. Security: Train staff to greet everyone who enters your premises.  Staff need to make eye contact with everyone who enters, so potential criminals will know they are being observed and this alone can make someone nervous.  Try testing with an unknown person to your staff, how far someone can get in your property without being challenged, this will help you to recognise the training levels that are required.
  2. CCTV: How well is your CCTV system maintained and what is the coverage like in the foyer of your hotel? What is the coverage like in the lower ground areas?  What is the quality like are the pictures dark or distorted?  If the quality is poor,  CCTV images can be rejected in court.  Call your CCTV engineers and have your system checked and serviced, check all camera’s are clean and all are in working order.
  3. Encourage customers not to leave their bags unattended and train staff to mention this to all guests on arrival. If any bags are left unattended for a lengthy period of time this can be a security hazard.
  4. Check the locking systems on your hotel doors are up to date and secure. Old systems do not have alarm systems and can be easily forced. See our previous article here re hotel lock theft.
  5. Be aware of having high turn over agency staff, especially during busy periods ie; Christmas and New Year.  Check documentation is correct and in order, take photocopies or take agency staff from reputable employment agencies only.
  6. Keep on top of hotel crime trends, bogus bookings with stolen credit cards, fraudulent transactions, room service thefts, the list can be endless.

With the many types of crimes that can happen within a UK hotel establishment, B&B establishment or guest house, you need to cover your premises with a business insurance policy.  Getting the right hotel insurance or bed and breakfast insurance in place does not have to be costly, it can be tailored to your business specific needs to make sure you are covered for any eventuality.  At The Business Octopus, we will talk to you to find out your requirements and we can also provide cover for public liability insurance, employers liability insurance, buildings and contents insurance and many more optional add ons.

Check today that you are happy with your insurance cover, does it have the right amount of cover that you require for your premises.  We can help you with all your business insurance needs so give us a call today on [phone_number]

Keeping your premises safe!

If you require more information on London Hotelwatch click here and Facewatch click here.